LAWRENCE — Christine Comforti had barely been at work for a half-hour Friday when she looked outside the window of her Marston Street medical office and saw a bird that looked like it was struggling to fly.
“He was standing on two feet trying to fly and he just kept face-planting over and over in the snow,” Comforti said.
It was unlike anything Comforti had seen before, and “awkward” and painful to watch, she said. The bird, a great blue heron, finally mustered the strength to lift itself into the air, reaching about three feet off the ground near the Merrimack River, before falling back into the thick layer of snow that had accumulated from Thursday’s storm, Comforti said.
Unable to sit idly by, Comforti jumped into action, pulling back on the boots she’d taken off only minutes before, and then running outside with a blanket. Jeannette Mercado, a co-worker at Boston Eye Group, followed …