ALPINE — The community of Alpine banded together this morning to rescue a herd of elk that had fallen through the ice and would have likely have drowned without intervention.
Seventeen-year-old Devan Wayne Thornock was one of the first on the scene. He was on his way to his masonry job with his boss at around 8:15 am when they noticed some odd shapes in Palisades Reservoir, just outside of Alpine.
When they pulled over to look, they discovered the shapes were a herd of 10-15 elk that had broken through the ice and were huddled together about 60 yards from the lake’s edge.
Thornock thought based on how exhausted the elk seemed, they had probably been there 30 minutes already.
The elk were likely on their way to the nearby National Elk Refuge, located just across the highway.
A police officer had pulled up behind Thornock and his boss.
“We asked the police officer if …