This is the heart-stopping moment a giant 50,000-pound humpback whale protected an unsuspecting snorkeler from a SHARK by pushing her through the water.
The stunning video Nan Hauser and her team were able to capture – including point-of-view footage – show how the whale pushed whale biologist Nan with his head and his mouth.
The male tucked her under its pectoral fin – and even lifted the biologist out of the water on one occasion – which cannot be seen in the clip.
Nan, 63, believes it is proof of whale’s intuitive nature to protect other species of animal – including humans – something she believes has never been captured on film.
It’s intuition the biologist compares to firemen being willing to rush into a house on fire to help save the lives of those they do not know.
Lurking near the roughly-50,000-pound mammal and Nan was a 15-foot tiger shark, Nan said, and though …