QUINCY, Mass. – A little girl who was diagnosed with and has beaten cancer not only earned her first day back at school, she deserved it.
Bridget Kelley missed 15 months of school, but when she finally made it to class on Jan. 2, she was greeted by her classmates and their parents, bringing smiles to the Kelley family’s faces.
Bridget was met by hundreds of students, parents, teachers and police officers, all braving temperatures at  4-degrees to hold signs of welcome and encouragement for the third-grader, the “Today” show reported.
Her parents thought it would be too much for the girl who fought leukemia, but instead, she embraced the welcome and and raised her arms in victory, her mother, Megan, told “Today.”
Bridget was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia in Sept. 2016. She had been seeing a doctor to have a swollen tonsil removed, but an MRI found it was worse than initially …