With their good looks and sharp moves, North Korea’s female cheerleaders are a marked contrast to the regime’s menacing nuclear ambitions.
Dubbed the “army of beauties” in South Korea, the young North Korean women – mostly in their late teens or early 20s – have attracted huge publicity whenever they have been sent to the South.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s future wife Ri Sol-ju was among the group who attended the 2005 Asian Athletics Championships in Incheon.
The cheerleaders are set for their fourth appearance in the South after Pyongyang agreed this week to send a delegation to next month’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, just 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of the demilitarised zone that splits the peninsula in two.
North and South have been totally separated since the end of the Korean war in 1953, with no direct telephone or postal links between them.
Any North Korean delegations to its neighbour are carefully …