Government, private companies and volunteers built a plantation-style community that welcomed its first families into their new homes on Friday, Jan. 12.
Published: 2018.01.12 05:21 PM
Parents smiled and shook their heads while children shrieked with happiness as they moved into Kahauiki Village at Sand Island, a $12 million project that represents an extraordinary partnership of people and resources.
Dalgene Ka‘auwai looked at her 5-year-old grandson playing happily on the bed in the living room of their new one-bedroom house, smiled, nodded at him and said, “This is Malachi’s hale.”
Ka‘auwai, her husband and the grandson they are raising are among the many families who found themselves suddenly—and completely unexpectedly—without a house.
Both of them work: He’s in construction with cyclical layoffs and she’s a cashier. They moved out of their rented home when her husband got laid off and the community around their rental grew increasingly unsafe. “It could happen to anybody,” she says. …