Hobart Police Officer Richard Mayer and a few of his co-workers were enjoying a meal together at a Chik-Fil-A restaurant in Merrillville, Indiana on Friday during his first day as a paid police officer when a mother rushed to his table for help. According to WLS-TV, Melanie Hasse and her daughter, Charlotte, were just a few tables away from the police officers eating lunch when Charlotte started to choke.
According to Melanie Hasse, she spotted a piece of food in the back of her toddler’s throat after hearing her begin to gag on her food. Her mother noted she made the mistake of trying to reach in her daughter’s mouth to retrieve the food. Melanie noted she believed her initial reaction was a mistake as she thinks she pushed the food further back into her daughter’s throat.
Noticing the table of police officers also eating lunch, Melanie Hasse picked up her choking …