Krystle Delles drove from Aurora to Chicago’s animal shelter Saturday to look for her family’s next dog. She found a long line of people checking out the dogs in need of homes.
After an hour, she spotted Gordo, a tan 2-year-old bully breed. “He snuck his way into my heart,” said Delles, whose dog Wrigley died last month. Gordo licked her hand and then inched toward her in his cage. “Seeing the smile on his face when I was scratching his back, it just tugged at my heartstrings.”
Delles joined a slew of others who adopted dogs after hearing that Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter reached capacity Thursday with 300 dogs, a critical level that prompted city officials to consider euthanizing dogs for space.
At least three dozen dogs were adopted on Friday and Saturday, and others — including the shelter’s longest resident, a bully breed named Miley — were moved to …