FARMINGTON, Mo. – Peggy Lunsford has been like a queen with her coworkers at US Tool in Farmington. But her lottery winning story was a little bit of the “Princess and the Pea.”
“I put our name on the back of it and phone numbers and stuck it under the mattress of my bed,” Lunsford said. “Because it was on a Monday and I had till Tuesday to get it in here.”
When the Powerball hovered around $300 million in December, Lunsford and her coworker took $2 from anyone interested in trying their chance at winning.
“Each department has a lead that gets together and gets their people’s money together. And then I helped (Lunsford) at the end with making sure the claim forms were filled out correctly everybody’s driver’s license were [sic] filled out correctly,” said Michelle Kemp, payroll supervisor at US Tool. “Then we did take the ticket up …