An early morning run for a pack of cigarettes ended up saving a life Friday morning.
Brody Chamberlin said he woke up at about 4:45 a.m. Friday and, unable to sleep, decided to walk to Lou Perrine’s gas station for a pack of cigarettes.
“I kept hearing this noise,” he said, but he couldn’t really make out what it was. “I kept hearing it, and I yelled ‘Is someone there?’” He walked about 50 yards further and realized the sound was someone calling for help.
Because the sound was echoing, he couldn’t tell at first where it was coming from. Then he saw a bike lying near the water along the sidewalk that runs along the sea wall near the 500 block of 54th Street. The bike was on the water side of the raised ledge that runs along the sidewalk
“I ran up to it and looked down and there he was in …