It was bleak medical diagnosis for his young nephew that put the idea in Manmeet Maggu’s head to launch a startup focused on robotic exoskeletons for children.
A few years ago, Maggu and Trexo Robotics co-founder Rahul Udasi were still undergraduates at the University of Waterloo. That’s when they found out Maggu’s nephew had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy – and that he might never be able to walk as a result.
Building robots was already something of an interest they shared. The diagnosis caused them to look around at the robotics market and decide – they ought to build something to help Maggu’s nephew.
“When we started looking around, we realized the tremendous negative health effects of being in a wheelchair, especially for a child that’s going to spend their entire life in the wheelchair,” Maggu told BGR. “For us it was something – we started looking for ways to get (his …