Throughout his life, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil has broken traditions, stereotypes and taboos. Despite the stigma a divorce carries in India, he ended his marriage with his princess in 1992. A decade later, he became the first member of the Indian royal family to come out as gay and launched an LGBT rights charity shortly afterward. But his latest plan might be his most audacious yet.
After Gohil came out in 2006, his mother took out an ad in a newspaper to declare that the family had disowned him because of his sexuality. Gohil is now opening a four-bedroom palace, which he secured when his parents tried to disinherit him, to LGBT people and their allies, in a country in which sexual activity between people of the same gender is illegal.
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Named Hanumanteshwar 1927, after the year Gohil’s great-grandfather built the …