When hockey player Guillaume Ouimet stepped out onto fresh outdoor ice during a frigid January morning in Mont-Tremblant, Que., he thought he would be skating alone.
But when the 19-year-old AA team captain looked up, he saw a fellow captain approaching: Sidney Crosby.
“He’s walking to see the outdoor rink and I’m just like all excited,” said Ouimet.
“He asked me a question about the ice and if I was alone, and then I tell him I’m alone and I can see he just wants to skate and not be bothered by a lot of persons.”
With the cold setting in, Ouimet asked if the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar wanted to practise indoors. But Crosby laced up his skates, sitting on the snowbank like a kid, and opted to play outside.
“He’s so good. It’s not even comparable to what you see on TV,” said Ouimet. “I was just so impressed.”
That’s when Crosby, originally from Cole Harbour, N.S., and vacationing in Quebec, joined Ouimet on …