More than four months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, 15-year-old Salvador Gomez Colon is shocked by the poor living conditions that persist in many of the towns throughout the island.
“There is so much need,” said Gomez Colon. “People are still shoveling debris around their homes. With no power, the elderly are struggling with the heat.”
Nearly half a million of Puerto Rico’s residents still don’t have power. Families are living in houses with makeshift roofs made out of tarps and other materials and roads and bridges remain badly damaged.
“The farther you go from the metro areas is where you really see it,” said Gomez Colon, who lives with his family in San Juan.
“It’s very crazy to think that there are still people without power,” he said on CNN on Saturday. “Four months without power is an extremely traumatizing experience.”
Just days after …