Boogie boarding retirees take to the waves for fun, fitness and better health
Updated February 03, 2018 15:02:20
If you are trying to catch a wave at the often-chilly McGennan’s beach in Warrnambool, south-west Victoria, beware of the Silver Surfers.
Instead of battling territorial surfers at peak fitness, you’ll be dodging a mob of 18 or so grinning retirees.
And they’ll holler as you skim past. It’s a tradition.
The Silver Surfers are a group of retired friends, who for a decade have chosen to take their daily exercise in the frigid Southern Ocean, atop a boogie board.
Alison Parker is 73 and along with her friend Michael Page is one of the regulars.
“My daughter-in-law calls us the Silver Surfers,” Mrs Parker said.
They are also known as …