A 22-year-old personal trainer and high school wrestling coach said he was only “doing the right thing” when he answered the cries of a 61-year-old woman and chased down her suspected purse-snatcher Jan. 22 at the Town Center of Mililani.
The alleged thief turned out to be Gregory LaBar, a 37-year-old patient who had been sent to Kahi Mohala under court order and fled the mental health facility in September.
Denzell Scott, who works as a personal trainer at UFC Gym at the shopping center and as a wrestling coach for Leilehua High School, was headed to the gym when he heard the victim screaming in the Mililani Walmart parking lot.
“I turned around. I kept hearing the scream and she said, ‘He has my purse! He has my purse!’” Scott said.
“As soon as my brain put everything together, I chased the guy down and I got the purse back.”
Scott said he grabbed …