When the Rev. Toni DiPina begins her sermon during the service consecrating the United Church of Christ-related Deaconess Center for Child Well-Being in St. Louis, she will be — in one sense — coming full circle. But, as she often stresses, it will be the beginning of a new important phase, not only for her, but for the ground upon which the center was built.
In May 1963, DiPina was found abandoned by two boys playing football in a vacant lot: the lot upon which the new center now stands.
“It feels surreal to return to the very spot where I was abandoned to bless the work that God has ordained for his beautiful children, who will be blessed by the work of this ministry,” DiPina says. “I am so honored to be given the chance to bless the spot where my life changed forever.”
The consecration takes place March 1 during the …