Homeless people with terminal illnesses who are “dying on doorsteps” will be offered an automatic right to housing under new plans going before Parliament.
Former Cabinet minister Sir Ed Davey wants to tackle gaps in the law to make it easier for homeless people with cancer or long-term illnesses to get end of life care and stable housing.
Under current laws, many people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or staying on friends’ sofas are not automatically eligible for long-term housing if they are dubbed “intentionally homeless” – where the local authority deems they have other options.
The Liberal Democrat MP wants to change the law to remove the “intentionally homeless” distinction for dying people and use GP palliative care registers to flag up people who are expected to die in the next 12 months.
It comes after the number of people sleeping rough in England hit record highs, as official data revealed 4,751 people were sleeping on the streets each night last autumn, …