Oh look, a glimpse into my future.
At age 58, Chris Arsenault lives with 300 cats, giving them the life of luxury they deserve – complete with hammocks and heated perches to lounge on and roast chicken dinners.
Unlike us, Chris’s choice to live with that many cats didn’t come from singledom and a need to be surrounded by soothing furry creatures. His sanctuary for cats actually has a deeply moving backstory.
Chris decided to open up his home to cats to cope with the grief of losing his son, who died aged 24 in a motorcycle accident on Long Island’s Cross Island Parkway.
A few months after Eric’s death, Chris found a colony of sick kittens on the side of a railway track while working as a train conductor.
‘There were thirty little kittens and I could tell they were sick,’ says Chris. ‘I knew if I left them there they would die so …