Natural hair might be having a moment in the adult world but at school, afro-haired kids can still struggle for acceptance.
By the time you reach high school, you’ve relaxed your beautiful curls into submission and when the time comes to finally embrace your natural hair, you have to spend months of agony growing it back out.
But not if you’re in Ms Bishop’s class.
Leigha Bishop, a preschool teacher from Texas, is dedicated to going above and beyond for her students – even if that means getting her hair done in the same style as her pupils’.
One of her little students came into her class wearing a topknot with cornrows saying that she was unhappy with her new ‘do.
The next day, Leigha came in with the very same hairstyle.
‘I told her, “Don’t be mad at me when I come to school tomorrow with my hair just like that!” Of course, she didn’t believe …