In a case called a “warning” to corporate Japan, a company agreed to pay settlement money to the family of an exhausted employee who died in an accident while returning home after a long overnight shift.
Green Display Co., a Tokyo-based company that decorates building interiors with plants, will pay about 76 million yen ($700,000) and apologize to the bereaved family of Kota Watanabe, who was killed in a traffic accident in 2014 at the age of 24, according to the settlement reached at the Kawasaki branch of the Yokohama District Court on Feb. 8.
Presiding Judge Hidechika Hashimoto had urged the company to settle the lawsuit filed by the family, saying Green Display bore a responsibility for the safety of the employee on his return home from work.
Hashimoto also said the case should send a message to companies and society as a whole to take measures to prevent “karo-jikoshi” (death from …