Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has taken a hard stance deporting convicted criminals from our country.
Under his watch, thousands of foreign murderers, rapists and paedophiles have been forcibly removed from Australia.
One man who has felt the effects of Minister Dutton’s firm approach is Steve Miller, whose son Cole was killed in a coward punch attack.
Calling in he gives an emotional thank you to the Home Affairs Minister.
“I’d just like to thank Peter, an accomplice to my son’s death was sentenced to over 12-months jail… and there was a bit of a mix up at the courthouse and he was let to walk free.”
“I got on to Peter Dutton’s office in Canberra, he was unavailable at the time and he rang me back at 4.30pm.”
“He got onto the Queensland Police and Border Force immediately and that illegal immigrant was taken back into custody by 6.30pm that night and held for …