An Oklahoma non-profit organization chartered a 5 ½-hour flight Saturday to transport 110 dogs and one cat to Oregon, where two local humane societies are confident they will be able to find the pets homes.
The non-profit — “Fetch Fido a Flight” — says it spends about $250 per an animal to send animals without homes in Oklahoma to shelters across the country that won’t euthanize them.
The animals on Saturday’s flight were greeted by dozens of volunteers.
Forty dogs and one cat went to the SafeHaven Humane Society in Tangent, which is 30 miles south of Salem. The Oregon Humane Society in Northeast Portland took 70 dogs, including 50 puppies.
Volunteers unpacked the animals’ carriers from the plane, which landed in Salem Saturday afternoon. The animals then were driven to the two humane societies.
“It was a long trip, so they’re getting some food and water and a nice, soft bed,” said Laura Klink, …