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Eight years after saying goodbye, a woman and her childhood dog have been reunited.
For her 10th birthday, Nicole Renae’s grandmother surprised her with a grey puppy, which she named Chloe.
They spent the next four years growing to be the best of friends.
“I just loved her to death,” Ms Renae told The Dodo. “She was such a sweet dog.
“She’d lick your face forever, if you didn’t stop her.”
But when Ms Renae was 14, her father began working from home and needed the house to be free of distractions.
“He was told we couldn’t have any pets,” Ms Renae said. “Chloe was very yappy.
“We had no choice. I was just a kid, so I obviously didn’t have any choice in the matter.
“It was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to get rid of my dog.”
Ms Renae …