Spreadsheets, analysis, and predictions are all great. But nothing compares to the free market if you want to really understand the trajectory of clean energy pricing.
A recent bidding process for utility giant, Xcel Energy, just rocked the industry. Bids for clean energy projects including solar, wind, and batteries, came in lower than anything ever seen before.
This wasn’t just a few crazy, low bids, it was hundreds . These rock bottom prices weren’t the lowest bidders, they were the average of all bids.
Xcel told state regulators that “the response to this solicitation is unprecedented.”
Who is Xcel and why does their bidding process matter?
Xcel is a US$11 billion gas and electric utility giant that serves 3.3 million people across 8 states.
Last year, Xcel reached an agreement to shut down two Colorado coal plants 10 years earlier than planned.  But there was a hitch.  The plants would …