ALAMO, Calif. (Andre Senior/KTVU) – Inside their home in Alamo on Saturday, Haleigh Morrissey called her fiancé Dean Booras into the bathroom remove the engagement ring from her finger that she was afraid would be stained by the sun tan lotion that was applied to her skin.
“I run in there and pull the ring off, rinse it off… and I’m like okay here’s some tissue. Put it on there (and did) a little pat,” recounts Booras, who then describes how he placed the ring inside the tissue and folded the ends together. 
Haleigh returned to clean the bathroom a short time later not recalling – at least at that moment – what happened inside the bathroom earlier that day.
“I got to the bathroom and then I was like here’s some trash… throw it in the toilet,” Morrissey recalled about the act that triggered a hectic 48-hours.
Booras remembers the look …