Phunn Dad, otherwise known as Chris Hall, is a stay-at-home dad who decided that the key to having fun is living a happy and healthy lifestyle. It was because of that epiphany — and the inspiration he got from being a dad of two — that motivated him to work towards becoming a healthier version of himself.
In September 2014, Hall weighed 248 pounds, by October 2015, he got down to 183 pounds, before climbing back up to 229 pounds over the next ten months. But in a new Facebook post, Hall admits that he wasn’t able to “find motivation strong enough to give it [his] all.”
By the start of 2017, Hall decided to give his healthy lifestyle another try. This time he dug deep and went all in.
His post continued by explaining that a person will eventually reach a point in their fitness journey “where the pounds aren’t going to fall off just by eating right.” When this …