Animal aid workers have rescued 90 dogs from a dog meat farm where they were destined to be slaughtered and turned into soup.
The Humane Society International (HSI) persuaded the farm owner to give up his business in South Korea with the eyes of the world on Pyeongchang as it hosts the Winter Olympics.
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The dogs would have been electrocuted before ending up in noodle soups and broths where they would have been eaten at restaurants close to the Olympic Village.
South Koreans believe dog meat soup is a healthy and nourishing food and is advertised as boshintang (health-boosting soup), yeongyangtang (nutrient soup) or sacheoltang (year-round soup).
It is the 11th dog meat farm workers at HSI have closed down, and brings the total number of animals saved to 1,300.
Rescued animals are sent to America, Canada or the UK, but …