An overnight ambulance crew came across the bedraggled dog lying on the side of a motorway outside Zurich, around 400 kilometers (248 miles) from her German home, Swiss authorities said Tuesday. 
The adventure-seeking canine appeared to be in a bad way and suffering from hypothermia, so they drove her to a nearby animal hospital for treatment.
“They administered oxygen with an oxygen mask and wrapped her in blankets to warm her up,” ambulance service spokesman Roland Portmann said.
Authorities were able to learn from an implanted chip that she was Rapunzel, a 9-year-old German shepherd who was reported missing in mid-August from the town of Hösbach, near Frankfurt, western Germany.
The dog’s owner, Jasmin Ehret-Väth, told German news agency dpa she couldn’t believe her pet was capable of such an epic journey.
“She is really not athletic at all and lazy as anything,” she said.
Rapunzel apparently skipped town during a visit to a local vet six months ago. Ehret-Väth …