A woman in Brownsville, Penn. got the shock of her life recently, when a senior Pomeranian-poodle mix she adopted was revealed to be the same puppy she was given as a 10-year-old child over a decade earlier.
As CBS Pittsburgh and the Observer-Reporter in Pennsylvania first reported, Nicole Grimes, 21, was scrolling through Facebook one day and saw a posting about an elderly dog up for adoption. The dog reminded her of one she had been given by her grandmother when she was a child. Back then, four years after she was given “Chloe,” her parents had to eventually find the dog a new home. Grimes’ father, who often worked from home, was employed in customer service, and Chloe’s frequent barking was too distracting.
Grimes holds no resentment towards her parents, but told “The Today Show” that, “I was really sad because I loved the dog.”
When she saw the ad on Facebook for …