Plans to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in Wales have been announced by the rural affairs secretary.
Lesley Griffiths said she was “exploring opportunities” to bring in a ban similar to one agreed by the Scottish Parliament before Christmas.
There are no circuses based in Wales but “they do visit and it is important the welfare needs of their animals are not overlooked”, Ms Griffiths said.
The RSPCA said it was “absolutely delighted” by the news.
The animal welfare charity said it had been campaigning on the issue for around two decades.
In a written statement, Ms Griffiths said she intended to learn from MSP’s scrutiny of the Scottish legislation, “particularly discussion of ethical and welfare arguments for a ban”.
She said the new Welsh law should ensure the ban does not effect mobile animal exhibits (MAEs), such as travelling falconry and hawking displays, exotic pets taken into schools for education purposes …