Hero Dog Saves the Life of a Stranded Baby Porpoise – NTD.TV

A man was walking along a beach in North Wales, doing some fishing and taking photographs while his dog ambled along.  The dog, Leia, began barking excitedly, alerting her human to an important find.  There was a baby harbour porpoise stranded on the rocky shore, and the man diligently got it back into deeper water to find its family.

Brain cancer patients live longer wearing electric cap designed to zap tumors

An electric skull cap designed to zap cancer cells trying to grow in the brains of wearers proved useful at improving patient survival in a five-year clinical trial.

Teacher takes girl to father-daughter dance

SAINT LOUIS COUNTY, MO. - For fathers and their daughters, daddy/daughter dances are a special event with memories they’ll both cherish forever.

‘We had to pull nails out of children’s faces’: Homeless man describes rush to...

A homeless man has given a harrowing account of the moment he rushed to help severely wounded children in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bomb attack.

Museum clinic repairs gadgets, reduces landfill waste

SALT LAKE CITY — Broken vacuums from the 1960s found their place alongside brand new phone chargers and defective water pumps as tinkerers and hobbyists attempted to fix anything and everything they could.

A charity that gives food – and frees hostages

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — It was before 6 a.m., and Imtiaz Sooliman was already wide awake.

How Binghamton Engineering Students Built a Prosthetic Hand for a Campus Employee – Binghamton...

Just when you thought Binghamton students couldn’t get any more impressive, this happened.

Hero Pit Bull Puppy Saves Teen from Attempted Rape

Apollo the 5-month-old pit bull puppy is getting extra hugs today, after saving his owner’s girlfriend from a terrifying attack.

‘False is good’: 18-year-old Macedonian shows how fake news is done

On the second floor of a noisy sports centre in the Macedonian town of Veles, a teenage purveyor of fake news cracked open his laptop and laid out his case for why lying is more lucrative than the truth.

Watch: High School Cross-Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs on Training Run

Combine an animal rescue shelter full of restless dogs in southern California with a high school cross-country team winding down its summer training, and you get one obvious—and adorable—solution.