Bikes donated at CNY Family Bicycle Giveaway go to kids in need

Day one of the CNY Bicycle Giveaway kicked off Saturday morning at Sun Auto in Cicero.

12-year-old worried she wouldn’t see her brother’s birth. Then she delivered him herself –...

Jacee Dellapena really wanted to be there when her brother was born, but she didn’t quite expect she’d be this close.

Once a foster child herself, now an advocate for others like her

That was nearly 12 years ago.

Donations pour in for robbed Indonesian banana-seller – BBC News

Netizens in Indonesia have rallied together in support of an elderly banana-seller who said he was robbed of more than 1m rupiah ($80; £62).

Sun City Liquor Store Owner Feels ‘Blessed’ After Selling Winning $447M Powerball Ticket

MENIFEE (AP) — The owner of a Southern California liquor store says he feels blessed for selling the winning Powerball ticket and does not know which of his customers won the jackpot.

WWII Veteran Finally Gets High School Diploma More Than 70 Years Later

COAL TOWNSHIP -- One day after the anniversary of D-Day, a World War II veteran in Northumberland County is marking another major milestone.

Tanzanian child victims of witchcraft attacks get new limbs

Four Tanzanian children with albinism who lost limbs, fingers, and teeth in superstition-driven attacks made their way home this week after receiving prosthetics - and a dose of confidence - in the United States.

A Detroit Doctor Who fan built a replica TARDIS library for his neighborhood

In recent years, free libraries have popped up across the country in an effort to bring access to books to local communities.

This woman threw herself in front of a speeding car to save a child

A Connecticut woman likely saved a child’s life when she jumped in front of a speeding car to push him out of the way, police said.

Glasgow murals leave Billy Connolly ‘flabbergasted’ – BBC News

Comedian Billy Connolly has said he is "flabbergasted" by three giant murals in his honour.

Union Gospel Mission wilderness program helps men overcome addiction

GARIBALDI PROVINCIAL PARK — Looking out on Cheakamus Lake, Tom Sauls recalls how he would often stand at Crab Park in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and gaze north at the mountains, dreaming of someday escaping homelessness and addiction to find refuge in the wilderness.

New Cancer Drug Is So Effective Against Tumors, the FDA Approved It Immediately

A small but significant new study is blowing experts away after it found that a particular cancer drug overwhelmingly helped shrink or eradicate tumors in patients whose cancer had resisted every other form of treatment.

Reddit Raises $16k For Viral Metalhead Who Got Guitar From Deceased Dad; Plus ANOTHER...

There are times when the internet and places like Reddit can be dirty and disgusting places and then there are times when the internet comes together to truly do some good.

Disabled Bosnian boy beats odds to become swimming champion

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Six-year-old Bosnian boy Ismail Zulfic was born without arms and with a deformed foot into a society that often neglects and marginalizes children with disabilities.

Woman helping blind Cubs fan hail cab will warm your heart

A kind-hearted woman is being recognized and applauded worldwide after helping a blind Cubs fan hail a cab near Wrigley Field.

Service dog reunited with Army veteran month after being stolen in the Bronx

KINGSBRIDGE, Bronx — It was a happy reunion Friday when a service dog was returned to its owner in the Bronx nearly a month after it was stolen.

UW professors hold after-sunset finals for Muslims fasting during Ramadan

Finals at University of Washington have occurred during the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during the day.