How San Diego Built a Bridge Over the Wall

SAN DIEGO—Around lunchtime two days before Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration last month, some 200 business and civic leaders from San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, gathered here in a hotel ballroom downtown for an event hosted by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Unstoppable Dog Lives Awesome Life Despite Disabilities

Cletus is one unique dog.

An office building so green it actually produces energy

WATERLOO — Waterloo will soon be home to one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in the country, a building so green it produces more energy than it consumes.

Over 3,000 Bakers Are Now In Business, After Minnesota Eased Restrictions on Selling Homemade...

Thousands of bakers, picklers, canners and other modern-day homesteaders in Minnesota have set up their own small businesses, thanks to a recent expansion of the state’s “cottage food” law.

Vendor Selling Swastika Shirts on USC Campus Asked to Leave

A vendor selling shirts featuring the swastika symbol on the University of Southern California campus was asked to leave Wednesday.

Video: Widowed man dedicates life to fostering terminally ill children

Honorable ruled for the last 22 years and Angel has been living in is used to the senate liberals moral Mohammed physique has been caring for terminally ill children in the LA county Foster system since 1995.

Stations in Mysuru railway division to tap solar energy

As part of the Indian Railways current drive to tap alternative form of energy to go green, the Mysuru division of the South Western Railway (SWR) will soon have about 20 railway stations fuelled by solar energy.

Dublin man John (90) finally meets the half-sisters he never knew he had –...

He discovered he had six half-brothers and half-sisters only after a genealogist helped trace them following a two-year search.

India: First 3D printed titanium vertebrae implant helps 32-year-old woman walk again

Doctors in India have helped a 32-year-old woman back onto her feet by rebuilding part of her spine with 3D printed vertebrae in a first-of-its-kind procedure.

7-Year-Old Girl’s Awesome Letter To Google CEO Elicits Response “Keep Following Your Dreams”

In a ridiculously lovely story that is sweeping the Internet today, a 7-year-old girl from Hereford, UK, sent a handwritten letter to the “Google boss” expressing her interest in working for the tech giant, and amazingly received a letter back from Google CEO Sundar Pichai, himself.

Maine teacher appears on ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ says show helped her learn English

PORTLAND, Maine — A Casco Bay High School English teacher who came to Maine as a Sudanese refugee made a guest appearance this week on a television show that she said helped her learn to speak English.

School bus driver builds wheelchair ramp for 10-year-old girl on his route

Thomas Mitchell is a school bus mechanic in Clarksville, Tennessee, but he occasionally fills in as a driver.

NY NEWS: lack Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi wins battle with cancer

The 68-???r-?ld metal l?g?nd was d??gn???d w?th l?m?h?m? ?n 2012.

Austin police officer goes beyond call of duty to help teen

An Austin police officer went beyond the call of duty to help an 18-year-old stuck on the side of the road.

Emotional reunion between Holocaust survivor and WWII veteran who saved him caught on video

A World War II veteran reunited with a Holocaust survivor whom he freed from a Nazi death camp 71 years ago, and the incredible moment was captured on camera.

Stone sculptures smashed by Isil in ancient city of Palmyra restored to former glory...

Priceless stone sculptures that were smashed with hammers by Islamic State extremists in the ancient Syrian town of Palmyra have been meticulously restored by Italian experts with the help of laser scans and 3D printers.

Burger King cook gets $46K for being sacked over fish sandwich – BBC News

A Canadian court has awarded a former Burger King cook $46,000 ($35,000 USD, £28,000) in damages after she was fired for taking home a fish sandwich, fries and beverage.

World’s largest owl spotted in Utah for the 1st time in nearly 30 years...

MOUNTAIN GREEN — The harsh winter cold has brought not only avalanches and flooding this year, but a rare bird not seen in Utah for close to 30 years.