Those Afghan Girls Who Built a Robot? They Just Won Silver Medals

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Scientists have reversed brain damage in a U.S. toddler who drowned in her family...

In what is believed to be a world first, scientists have reversed brain damage in a toddler that drowned in a swimming pool.

Strangers’ kindness allows woman to shop for wedding dress in mom’s hospital room

Ever since she was a little girl, Lexi Verge has dreamed of the day she would go wedding dress shopping with her mother.

Dying Army veteran who wanted your text messages: ‘I appreciate it all’

People from around the world answered the call for help. 

Global Solar Demand Will Exceed 80 GW In 2017; 9.6 GW Awarded In Q3...

The latest comprehensive solar tracking data from GTM Research is good news across the board for the global solar industry, which is currently tracking 17.4 GW of solar PV tenders, predicts 9.6 GW will be awarded in the third quarter alone, and expects global demand to exceed 80 GW for the first time — in a year which actually sees smaller growth.

Israeli Aid Gives an Unexpected ‘Glimmer of Hope’ for Syrians

GOLAN HEIGHTS — Quietly, over the last year, hundreds of sick Syrian children and their chaperones have been whisked across enemy lines at dawn for treatment at clinics in Israel, slipping back home after dark.

Wheelchair bound man “tired of people staring” gives people something to look at

A man with celebral palsy who was "tired of people staring" at him has transformed his electric wheelchair into a mobile disco.

Scales tip in AIDS fight as death rates decline, treatment rates rise

AIDS treatment wins as deaths almost halve since 2005, United Nations report shows

Stunning Photos Showing NYC Subway Cars Being Dumped Into the Ocean

It’s not every day you see a series of photos clearly documenting someone with a front end loader pushing industrial waste directly into the ocean without any care of secrecy or stealth.

Long Island Dog Rescues Baby Deer From Water

Amid the lapping waves, a baby deer was in over its head out in the sound.

This African park has a high-tech plan to combat poachers

Security has long been a major concern at wildlife reserves in Africa, where rhino and elephant populations have been decimated by poachers in recent years.

For first time in history, half of all people with HIV are getting treatment

A new update on the global HIV/AIDS epidemic offers “scorecards” for countries that starkly highlight successes in green and failures in red (for an example, see here).

University gives up $3 million rather than destroy its LGBT students group

A Christian university has turned down $3 million in funding from a religious group which came on condition of shutting down an LGBT students group.

a duck mother and her three chicks were saved from highway. (Near Duesseldorf, Western...

This morning, 9:45 am, motorists alerted Hilden Highway Police about a not-everyday occurrence on A 46.

Honeybees are making a comeback

I have great news for all you "greenies" out there.

Turkey: Circus skills help Syrian refugee children forget trauma

It is not uncommon for youngsters to dream of running away to join the circus.

New Protected Environment Declared in South Africa | BirdLife

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‘Canada please help me,’ says Yazidi boy freed from ISIS

A Winnipeg mother, a Yazidi refugee, is astonished to discover her 12-year-old son is alive after being rescued from ISIS.