Dog spends 2 days on frozen rail-tracks trying to save injured pal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Facebook user Denis Malafeev posted pictures of the two dogs that he found at a small train station not far from the town of Uzhgorod.

Stranger allows baby to rest during flight – The Pleasant Report

After multiple cancellations and inclement weather causing him to be placed on a different flight than his wife, Evan Hughes found himself being overwhelmed and exhausted with his restless 8 month old son in tow.

Brandon man gives back to kids robbed at lemonade stand

However, one Brandon man went above and beyond to make up for their loss. 

Loyal dog protects companion from passing trains as it lies injured on snowy tracks

A dog has been filmed sitting protectively beside another canine after it was found lying injured on snow-laden train tracks in western Ukraine. 

Baby eagle emerges from its shell as watch continues for its sibling | The...

A baby eagle has emerged from its shell, just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Colombia kidnappings down 92% since 2000, police say – BBC News

Police in Colombia say the number of people kidnapped has fallen 92% since 2000.

Four good things that happened in 2016 – BBC News

A lot has gone wrong this year.

China’s vow to shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017 is...

BEIJING — China promised Friday to halt its domestic ivory trade completely by the end of 2017, a decision greeted by environmentalists as offering real hope for an end to a poaching crisis that is wiping out tens of thousands of elephants across Africa.

Chipper gets strange request from customer feeling a little under the weather –

In the notes to the driver on the order, the customer said:

Campaign reminds people of rule that everyone is an organ donor unless they say...

EVERYONE in France is presumed to want to be an organ donor after they die unless they opt out ? the state is reminding people of the rule as a new way of opting out comes in.

Forget the fireworks — look for a comet in the sky on New Year’s...

Even if you’re not a fan of New Year’s Eve fireworks, you’ll have another reason to look to the skies.

Car sense: Westampton man uses spare change to buy specialty vehicle for wife

Garfield Harper, 69, of Westampton, stands next to his wife, Sheila, with their new 2017 Buick Enclave at the Barlow Auto Group on Route 130 in Delran on Friday, Dec. 30, 2016.

Steph Curry sneakers raise $45,201 for Oakland fire victims

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has raised $45,201 for victims of the Oakland warehouse fire by auctioning off two pairs of sneakers.

Seeing is believing: New gene therapy could help cure blindness

If you’re long- or short-sighted technologies like laser eye surgery can be a game changer.

India opens first school for transgender pupils – BBC News

A residential school for transgender people has been opened in the Indian city of Kochi, to help adults who dropped out of school finish their education.

Happy ending for dogs found on railway tracks in Ukraine – BBC News

A video of two dogs ducking underneath trains has gone viral – and led to their rescue.

Garbagemen Bring Joy to Girl With Cancer Who Waves to Them Through Window

Two sanitation workers paid it forward this Christmas after hearing heartbreaking news about a child who waves to them through her window.