State trooper gets wayward dog, Christmas presents back to crash victims

A Minnesota state trooper saved the day for a college student involved in a crash Friday morning when he found her dog after it bolted from the scene and got the two back together.

Watch: Man reunited with lost dog at pet adoption event

The man said he and his family searched for Daisy for weeks after his son accidentally left a gate open. 

Social Bite receives 27,000 Christmas dinner donations for homeless

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Volunteer babysitters help widowed Sydney mum train for charity marathons

A community of women have pitched in to help babysit the children of a Sydney woman so that she can participate in fundraising marathons, after she lost her husband to brain cancer.

Local surfers raise funds to send boards, equipment to impoverished kids in West Indies...

For some, surfing is a sport, a hobby, and even an art form.

Son remains his paralysed father’s carer, even after going to college | independentbd24

Zhao Delong has had plenty extra to deal with than the average university pupil. whilst he became a child he contracted polio, a muscle degenerating virus that is was hoping to be eradicated by using 2018. fortuitously, Zhao’s parents were capable of get remedy for him, and he become capable of live his lifestyles as a regular young guy.

Strangers build snowmen to comfort boy

A dozen-or-so strangers braved the cold Thursday night to build snowmen in Billy Larsen’s front yard.

Meet the Woman Reuniting Vets With Their Retired Service Dogs

  Retired military dogs that are being put up for adoption are getting a second life alongside the soldiers they served with — thanks to Molli Oliver.

Christmas comes early for father with record who turned to Kijiji in job hunt...

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Pope Francis shares 80th birthday breakfast with homeless

Pope Francis celebrated an active if low-key 80th birthday on Saturday, sharing breakfast with eight homeless people before celebrating Mass with cardinals as greetings flowed in from around the world.

India Man Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island | National...

Since 1979, Jadav Payeng has been planting hundreds of trees on an Indian island threatened by erosion.

Holding on for deer life: Deer rescued from partially frozen pond

A dramatic rescue played out on a partially-frozen pond in New Jersey Friday evening, and NewsCopter7 was overhead to capture every hoof-dropping moment.

How One Berliner Battles Hate: With Conscience and a Sharp Scraper –

BERLIN — As Irmela Mensah-Schramm descended from the train in Buch, a combustive locality in the north of Berlin that is a fault line in the refugee crisis, her agitation was visible.

Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless.

OULU, Finland — No one would confuse this frigid corner of northern Finland with Silicon Valley.

Rio Ferdinand donates £500,000 of toys for needy children this Christmas

Rio Ferdinand has donated toys worth £500,000 to charity as part of a drive to ensure children do not go without presents on Christmas Day. 

Jim The Greeter gets a new job

A Family Video store in South Bend is robbed twice in less than a week, and now the store’s managers want you to see the surveillance video capturing it all.

Thousands of Muslims donate 10 tonnes of food to help homeless at Christmas

Muslim Londoners have donated 10 tonnes of food to help homeless people this Christmas.

Tropical bird on Heathrow flight home for Christmas – BBC News

A tropical bird that was found exhausted on a Sussex beach has had an easier journey home - on a 12-hour flight from Heathrow.