105-Year-Old Cyclist Rides 14 Miles In An Hour En Route To A World Record

Frenchman Robert Marchand set a new world record Wednesday when he cycled 22.547 kilometers (about 14 miles) in an hour — at the age of 105.

Giving back to the community: 150 volunteers shovel for Jersey City seniors

JERSEY CITY -- It was a cold and snowy weekend, but that did not keep more than one hundred volunteers inside their warm homes. 

Another Quebec town turns to beet juice to battle icy roads

The town of Cowansville, Que., is taking a slightly different approach when it comes to salting icy roads this season.

Pope tells women to feel free to breastfeed in church

Pope Francis encouraged women attending a ceremony in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday to feel free to breastfeed their children in the church.

An Eagle Is Perilously Close to Death. What Would You Do?

It was the end of a day of diving off Vancouver, British Columbia, where wildlife photographer and marine biologist Paul Nicklen and his two assistants were conducting an ecological survey.

Midlands Single Mom Gets a $300 Tip After Laptop Stolen

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Ebonii Green, 26, says it was just an ordinary day at work on January 4th.

KKK members leave Klan after befriending black musician

Daryl Davis, a renowned black American blues musician, took the initiative to reach out to members of the Ku Klux Klan, the US white supremacist organisation, which has led to more than 200 leaving the group.

GoFundMe page for Chicago torture victims raises over $100K

Want proof 2017 is going to be a better year than 2016?

Mumbai Police Pay Surprise Visit To Celebrate Birthday Of 83-Year-Old Whose Children Could Not...

Elderly Ms Lalita Subramanyam, a resident of Wadala in Mumbai, found herself in utter disbelief when a group of police personnel landed at her doorstep on Monday.

All Dutch Trains Now Run 100% On Wind Power

Electric trains have always been a relatively sustainable mode of transport, with much lower emissions than cars, but as of the 1st of January, 2017, all electric train rides in the Netherlands have become even greener. They are now entirely powered by clean, renewable, wind energy.

Best uncle ever wears suit to meet newborn niece because ‘first impressions matter’

When 18-year-old Grant Kessler found out his sister Olivia was about to have her baby, he decided to dress up to meet the newest member of the family.

Children donate park bench in the very spot their parents started dating 75 years...

This story originally appeared on Babble and is reprinted with permission.

Cancer Facts and Figures: Death Rate Down 25% Since 1991

The death rate from cancer in the US has declined steadily over the past 2 decades, according to annual statistics reporting from the American Cancer Society.

GM malaria vaccine ‘milestone’ – BBC News

A malaria vaccine that uses a weakened form of the parasite has passed a "critical milestone" in human safety trials, say researchers.

SeaWorld San Diego ending killer whale show

SeaWorld San Diego is ending its long-running killer whale show after years of outcry and falling attendance prompted it to renounce theatrical orca displays.

Aleppo dentist brings ‘Hollywood smiles’ to Somalis after fleeing Syria – BBC News

During every visit to the self-declared republic of Somaliland, I notice something new.

Teens Shoveling Snow for Cash Save Stranger’s Life

Teens Shoveling Snow for Cash Save Stranger’s Life - NBC News

Man climbs Colorado ski lift to rescue unconscious friend dangling by neck – National...

A professional slackliner’s skills helped save a man in Colorado Wednesday, after the skier became suspended by his neck underneath a chairlift.