How Esther the Wonder Pig Helped Save the Lives of 10 Pigs from North...

We all know and love Esther the Wonder Pig, the “micro pig” who fell into the arms of Canadian couple Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins and then kept growing, and growing, and growing.

British farmland bird bounces back from brink of extinction

One of Britain’s most threatened farmland birds has reached a major milestone in its recovery from the brink of extinction, figures show.

Joe Thomas Sr., 55, makes history as oldest player in Division I football

Thomas at the age of 55 is believed to be the oldest player to participate in a Division I football game.

This Nigerian man cannot stop giving: food, money, cars, shops, even houses

In a narrow dirt lane where children scamper and play, Garba Buzu’s rubber sandals slap the ground as he walks.

A 55-year-old just carried the ball in an actual Division I game

The story of Joe Thomas Sr. is one of resilience and overcoming the odds.

Conquering the Appalachian Trail with paralyzed legs and iron will

They were about 4,000 feet high, standing in a rockslide roughly three-quarters of the way up Mount Katahdin, the tallest peak in Maine, when they said goodbye.

Mystery suitcase owner found

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — When Robert McKinney moved from Terrace Heights to Missouri in 2006, he packed a blue suitcase with some of his most precious possessions — framed portraits of his children, their families and his wife of 49 years, Joyce.

Letter carrier catches, delivers suspect to police

MILWAUKEE, WI (WITI/CNN) - A Milwaukee letter carrier tackled a suspect who grabbed a package from him and delivered the teen to police.

Critically endangered honeyeater population discovered

The regent honeyeater used to be one of the most abundant birds in south-eastern Australia but there are now fewer than 400 in the wild.

World’s smallest penguins get their own underpass so they can travel home safely

A town in New Zealand has created the first penguin underpass in the country to help a colony of the birds cross a busy road that lies between the sea and their nests.

This Pit Bull Pup Has To Learn To Walk On Stilts… His Tenacity Inspired...

This Pit Bull Pup Has To Learn To Walk On Stilts… His Tenacity Inspired Me To Keep Going.

Teen hits back at ISIS with art

"They waged a war on art and culture, so I decided to fight them with art," he told CNN.

Villagers risk their lives to help rescue baby elephant trapped for hours in well

After a traumatic 11 hours trapped in a muddy well, a baby elephant weighing ‘hundreds of pounds’ has been rescued in dramatic circumstances in a small Indian village, after locals risked their lives to help in the operation.

Help-Portrait event gives free makeovers, professional portraits to Regina families – Regina |

Students and their families were treated to a one-of-a-kind special day of pampering, capped off with a photoshoot.

WATCH: Video shows Syria’s White Helmets pull two children from rubble – National |...

Video footage uploaded to a social media website on Friday, Nov. 18 purports to show two children being rescued from the rubble of damaged buildings in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

55-year-old father of Green Bay Packers LB Joe Thomas plays in a college football...

With a 3-yard gain, South Carolina State running back Joe Thomas Sr., the 55-year-old father of Green Bay Packers linebacker Joe Thomas Jr., fulfilled his dream Saturday.

A charity that gives food – and frees hostages

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — It was before 6 a.m., and Imtiaz Sooliman was already wide awake.