Rescued Aleppo lion gives birth after Jordan move

Istanbul (AFP) - A charity has successfully transferred 13 animals to a new home in Jordan via Turkey from a neglected Syrian zoo, including a lioness who gave birth to a healthy cub just hours after arriving, it said Monday.

Doctors ‘tiniest survivor’ weighed just 12 oz., now they say she’s a miracle.

Doctors didn’t think Ariana Sophia Cruz-Gutierrez would make it.

Veteran has hired more than 40 out-of-work veterans for his business

Timothy Smith, a US Army veteran, served in Iraq in 2004 when road side bombs were the weapons of choice for insurgents.

Best friend raises money so cancer patient can get married

The best friend of a 26-year-old man given just two years to live after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour is trying to raise money so he can get treatment abroad and get married.

Syria war: Lion rescued from Aleppo zoo gives birth in Jordan – BBC News

A lioness rescued from a zoo in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo has given birth just hours after arriving at a wildlife park in Jordan.

Abandoned dog Wanda has been nursed back to health thanks to £8,000 of donations

When Wanda was found abandoned in a garden, the dog was close to death.

Woman unable to walk saves disabled aunt from house fire

A true story of heroism rose from the ashes of a frightening Memphis house fire Friday.

Elephants help rescue hundreds from flooded Nepali safari park

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Elephants helped rescue hundreds of tourists from a flooded jungle safari park in Nepal, officials said on Monday, as the death toll from flash floods and landslides after four days of heavy rain rose to 70.

Bruno Mars Donates $1 Million to Help Flint Water Crisis

Bruno Mars has donated $1 million to those affected by the Flint water crisis.

Moncton cancer survivor wins world taekwondo title after entering on a whim

After entering an international taekwondo championship on a whim, a Moncton man who battled a near fatal illness just a few years ago, has come home with a gold medal. 

Rhino Poaching is Decreasing in South Africa

Good news out of South Africa (home to a very large rhinoceros population) - poaching numbers seem to be decreasing and poaching related arrests are increasing.

Charlottesville far-right rally organiser is literally chased out of town

The organiser of a white nationalist rally in Virginia was chased away from a news conference Sunday, a day after the event erupted in violence and left three people dead.



Black man convinces 200 people to the leave KKK by befriending them

A black man says he has accidentally persuaded around 200 white racists to abandon the Klu Klux Klan simply by befriending them.

This teen inspired a major Anaheim hotel to make stays a little easier for...

Traveling with an autistic child can be real tough, but the Yorba Linda family refuses to miss out on vacations.

94-year-old Minn. man puts in pool for neighborhood kids

MORRIS, Minn. – Peace and quiet seem like good things until you’ve had too much.

Weaned Hawaiian monk seal moved to undisclosed location

HONOLULU — A Hawaiian monk seal pup born on a Waikiki beach has been moved so that it can remain a wild animal and won’t become accustomed to interacting with people.

Chance the Rapper donates 30,000 backpacks to school kids

The 24-year-old rapper sat atop a white convertible waving at the crowds during Saturday’s Bud Billiken Parade, which welcomes Chicago children back for the new school year.