This Man Spent Decades Befriending KKK Members. Hundreds Have Left the Group Because of...

There are many headlines in the news today about fighting white supremacy and the Ku Klux Klan with violence.

An Entire County in Florida Just Banned Homework, Says to Read Instead

Students in one Florida county  won’t have to worry about doing homework, thanks to a new policy that affects 31 elementary schools in that area, reports.

Malala, 20-Year-Old Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Accepted Into Oxford University – USjournal

Malala Yousafzai, a 20-year-old Pakistani activist for female education who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, has announced that her own education will continue after she was accepted to Oxford University.

Daycare Owner Tells Heroic Story Of Encounter With Abduction Suspect

The woman who beat back a 35 year old man trying to abduct children, has told her amazing story.

Michigan man becomes first quadriplegic to compete in motocross

The Lowell man has been riding since he was a toddler.

Veteran helps homeless veterans get back on their feet

LITTLETON -- A veteran from Littleton is helping homeless veterans across our state by raising funds to purchase boots for them.

Hero dog returns home after snake attack

BRANDON, Fla. — Slayer the hero Pitbull mix is back home Wednesday after spending the early portion of the week in the doggie equivalent of intensive care.

Elephants rescue tourists in flood-hit Nepal

Elephants have been helping to rescue tourists stranded in Nepal amid the country’s worst rains in more than a decade.

After losing her husband, woman adopts dying dog that ‘no one wants’

Last week, Melani Andrews walked into her local animal shelter and asked for "the oldest dog you have, and the one no one wants to adopt."

Unconventional cat, 6-year-old girl form uncommon bond

Trubs, a rescue from New Beginnings for Cats, spent five of his six years at the shelter until 6-year-old Jade Allen, of Bradley, bonded with him during a rainy-day visit to "pet the kitties" at the shelter one year ago.

Woman gets lifetime bus pass for 103rd birthday

A Bay area woman, who has lived more than a century, received a sweet surprise that will help her keep moving.

The Heroic Rescue of the Lost Kitten at Pelotonia

At first, Margaret Price thought the little ball of orange fur on the side of the road just up ahead was roadkill.

U.S. WW2 veteran returns flag to family of fallen Japanese soldier

TOKYO (Reuters) - When U.S. Marine Marvin Strombo found a Japanese flag on the body of an enemy soldier during World War Two, he took and promised to one day return it to the family of his fallen foe.

Century-Old Tomato Club is a Cleveland County Tradition – Our State Magazine

Longtime friends Jean Ann Privett, 78, and Mary Jane Seagle, 80, sit in the former lunchroom, remembering school days and playground fun.

‘Anyone thinking of leaving school at 16 should know that it’s a big mistake’...

The dad, who left school after his Junior Certificate, said he was inspired to sit his exams because he wanted to show his son the value of an education.

British Columbia Will Ban Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting

In a win for conservationists and environmental groups, British Columbia says it will no longer allow the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in the Canadian province starting on Nov. 30.

Meet the fifth grader turning water bottles into light bulbs to brighten communities

Schools in Latin America and around the world are searching for ways to take student impact beyond the classroom.

Amazing Teen Redditor Writes Vegan Cookbook And Donates All Money to Animals | News...

A 16 year old boy, who goes by the name ‘Fruity Simon’, has completed a task most adults would wince at, he’s written an entire e-book by himself!