Twitter Plans Aggressive Crackdown on ‘Hate and Abuse’ with New Update

?Twitter is reportedly planning to crackdown on ‘hate and abuse’ on their platform with the rollout of a new update.TechCrunch reports that following a number of tweets from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last week, in which he discussed promised more aggressive rule enforcement on Twitter’s platform, the company has announced a crackdown on hate and abuse on the social media network as part of a new update.

Family, 2 cats and a turtle safely escape Placentia fire; 1 cat given oxygen

PLACENTIA – A family of four, two cats and a turtle were safely evacuated Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 18, from a fire in their Placentia apartment, Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Larry Kurtz said.

Radio host takes pay cut so his female co-host can be paid as much...

Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek co-host a radio show on KIIS FM in Sydney, Australia, and on International Woman’s Day back in March that she informed him that she made less money that him.

Chimp’s heartbreaking goodbye to her old friend

Mama, a former matriarch of a colony of chimps at Royal Burgers Zoo in Holland, was on her last legs when she was paid a visit from professor Jan van Hooff who she first met in 1972.

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"Valor on Eighth" will host veterans and their families

Uber plays key role in Puerto Rico rescue after Maria | Miami Herald

The good news out of San Juan came in a hurry for Natascha Otero-Santiago but it wouldn’t last long: Her mother’s 92-year-old friend, stranded on the fifth floor of a nursing home with no power, finally had a seat waiting for her on a private jet.

World’s best canine carer takes off socks and fetches phone for owner with disability

It’s said that a man’s best friend is his dog, but one teenager and her pet Springer Spaniel have developed a remarkable relationship.

A Catfishing With a Happy Ending

Emma Perrier spent the summer of 2015 mending a broken heart, after a recent breakup.

84 children saved in nationwide sex trafficking investigation, including Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A FBI sex trafficking investigation just announced Wednesday saved 84 minors and captured 120 traffickers across the country, including some here in Indiana.

An Afghan girl who spoke no English gets first-class law degree

When 13-year-old Hameeda Hussani arrived in the UK from Afghanistan her dream of reading law seemed like an impossible goal.

Dog reunited with owner 14 months after going missing

SAINT PAUL, Minn - Dog owners often wonder what their pets would say if they could talk.

Bay Area Receives $3.2 Million For Housing, Homeless – Local Records Office

Affordable housing, sustainable communities and homeless initiatives are all included.

Americans raise $200k overnight for children of grieving Army widow Trump insulted

Donald Trump’s response to the four U.S. soldiers killed by ISIS in Niger is one of his most incompetent spectacles so far. He waited two weeks to even mention it, then lied about President Obama, blamed the whole thing on “paperwork,” and finally used the death of his own chief of staff’s son to smear Obama again.

Message in a bottle found 29 years after girl threw it off S.C. shore

Miranda Chavez was 8 years old when she walked along the sandy shore in Edisto Beach, South Carolina, with her parents and a glass bottle in hand.

Firefighters rescue kitten stuck for days in utility box

High-pitched squeals rung out from an electrical vault Sunday as firefighters worked to save a kitten stuck inside.

A remote $43 million island facility could be a game changer for India’s solar...

One of the major gaps in India’s renewable energy sector is getting plugged.

Cockapoo saved by coastguard helicopter after being swept out to sea

A dog was rescued after being spotted by a coastguard helicopter when it was swept out to sea.