Hundreds of people walked with Natasha “Tasha” Nkhama to class in solidarity in response to a video she posted on Facebook detailing an incident where she was called a racial slur and forced off the sidewalk.
Singing songs like “Amazing Grace,” the students and faculty led the event with a prayer and applauded Nkhama before they began the walk.
Attendees sported name tags and signs reading: “#iwalkwithtasha.”
In the video detailing Wednesday’s incident, Nkhama said she was walking to class from Tidwell to the Baylor Sciences Building when a male bumped into her and forced her off the sidewalk, saying, “No n—s allowed on the sidewalk.”
Nkhama said when a bystander intervened on her behalf and asked the man what he was doing, he referenced President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, saying: “I’m just trying to make America great again.”
Some students attending the protest expressed their fears in regards to the incident.
“It’s not even Trump …