A 14-year-old girl who wanted her body to be preserved in case she could be cured in the future, won a historic legal fight shortly before her death.
The girl, who was terminally ill with a rare cancer, was supported in her wish to be cryogenically preserved by her mother – but not by her father.
A High Court judge ruled that the girl’s mother should be allowed to decide what happened to the body.
The girl, who died in October, has been taken to the US and preserved there.
The details of her case have just been released.
The teenager – who cannot be named – and who lived in the London area, used the internet to investigate cryonics during the last months of her life.
Future hope
Cryonics is the process of preserving a whole body in the hope that resuscitation and a cure are possible in the distant future.
She wrote to the judge explaining …