A Childhood dream came true – Rosberg’s made it a fashion to win the Formula One World Championship; like father like son
Keke Rosberg’s offspring, Nico Rosberg, clinched the World Title Formula One victory, here in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, today.
After a close competition, the 31 years old Rosberg came up to the victory. Lewis Hamilton’s defiance with the Mercedes drowned all the hopes of winning. But the torch still remain lighted when Rosberg made it possible to hold down the tough challenge of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. The tough competition ended up with a win for Rosberg, while Ferrari managed to secure the third stand.
Team conversation revealed an air of disobedience and fatigue between Hamilton and Mercedes. Management asked him to speed up, so the Rosberg even gets a support from him. But he asked his team to Let him race.
Further, he was asked to keep the …