Peter has flown over 350,000 miles this year and accumulated a huge number of frequent flier miles with United Airlines. Last year, he used some of those miles and the website Imgur to help people get home, and he hopes to do the same this year.
“Because of how much I fly, I have a TON of frequent flier miles. I usually give them to my assistant, my family and my friends. Needless to say, this makes them very happy,” his post on Imgur reads.
“Again this year, even after giving away my miles to my assistant, my friends, and my family, I have a lot of miles left over. I’d like to send at least two, (hopefully three or four or more) Imgurians home for the holidays this year, because I like making people smile.
“And like last year, I’m not going to choose who goes home. You are. So choose wisely. …