An outspoken Saudi prince and billionaire investor said Thursday it’s about time the kingdom let women drive, framing his argument in social, economic, and religious terms.
“Such a ban on driving is fundamentally an infringement on a woman’s rights,” Prince Alwaleed bin Talal wrote in a four-page letter on his personal website last week.
“Preventing a woman from driving a car is today an issue of rights similar to the one that forbade her from receiving an education or having an independent identity. They are all unjust acts by a traditional society, far more restrictive than what is lawfully allowed by the precepts of religion,” he writes.  
Prince Alwaleed’s statement is unlikely to affect policy. Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy crown prince and a contender for the throne, said in April he was “not convinced” Saudi society would accept women drivers, according to The New York Times. But the comment from the …