On 2 December 2015, the south Indian city of Chennai (Madras) witnessed devastating floods, after receiving the heaviest rainfall it had witnessed in a century. As much as 272 mm of rain drenched the city in a 24-hour period.
The waters marooned large parts of the city for several days and rescue efforts were hampered by the lack of electricity and mobile connectivity, but the city’s citizenry rose magnificently to the occasion in a massive volunteering effort.
Some pitched in by coordinating with the government. Others helped through non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
Journalists Karthik Subramanian and PM Naveen spoke to some of them a year after the experience.
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Ashwin Chhabria, research analyst
The 23-year-old joined the crisis management team of “Chennai Rain Relief”, an umbrella organisation that was stitched together by several NGOs to help the government with rescue and …