ABILENE, Texas — He served our country and wanted to again. But health issues forced a return to civilian life.
Clay Luthy was deployed three times out of Uzebekistan and two out of Qatar.
After multiple knee surgeries, including a reconstructive surgery, he wasn’t able to reenlist.
But it didn’t stop him from getting a job.
“We were interviewing people for his position, and he was one of the applicants,” said Jay Fellers, a human resource manager for Lowe’s. “So he showed up for the interview, and he had Charolette with him.”
The rest is history — and the pair is now well-known all over the internet.
Charolette is a 10-year-old golden retriever and is Luthy’s service dog.
“I’m just a disabled vet, and I can’t stand to be sitting at home. In stead of medications, I have Charolette,” Luthy said.
Luthy said when he applied at Lowe’s, he wanted to make sure Charolette wouldn’t be an issue, and …