Bobby Ferris put on a light-blue onesie, pitched a tent inside a local Whitehorse grocery store, and slept over for three days last month.
“The first night, actually, [was] especially weird. I didn’t have any ear plugs,” he said.
But people reached out and gave him some help along the way — from a blow-up mattress to the wifi password for Wykes’ Your Independent Grocer.
“I’m not gonna lie to you… There were some Netflix viewed,” he said.
Ferris said that he received an “overwhelmingly positive” response from the community. “They were just like, ‘You’re doing a great thing here. This is insane.'”
“The people that really didn’t, you know, catch on to what I was doing was like ‘Why are you wearing a onesie?'”
Ferris is a radio host with a local radio station, CKRW 96.1 The Rush. The fundraiser was a part of the station’s “Stuffy the Food Bank” campaign which sold exactly 961 stuffed …