Sometime before Thanksgiving, a 2-year-old, gray-white cat named Lazarus disappeared from a small town in southern Illinois – failing, inexplicably, to show up for dinner.
A few weeks later, neighbors in Raleigh’s Wayland Heights neighborhood noticed a scruffy feline stranger poking around their yards, eager for a head scratch.
Then the outrageous truth emerged, thanks to a microchip. This vagabond cat was Lazarus, who had mysteriously strayed 722 miles from home. After a phone call from a strange area code, Roy Finley drove 24 hours into a different time zone, over the Smoky Mountains and down Interstate 40 to collect his furry wanderer.
“The main question I’ve been asked 100 times so far,” said Finley, a father of three from Fairfield, Ill., “is how does a cat get to North Carolina. We asked him questions about what happened. Every so often, we get a meow out of him.”
There is, of course, precedent …